Blackview Acebook 1 Windows 10 Laptop PC with Intel Gemini Lake N4120 128GB 14 inch Display for Business

$ 539.99
You are in the right place if you want to buy a laptop for working or just home use, you

Blackview BV9100 Rugged Phone 13000mAh 4GB+64GB Mobile Phone

$ 268.99
Blackview BV9100 Rugged Phone, IP68 Waterproof 4GB+64GB Cellphone 13000mAH 30W fast charging 4G Mobile Phone

Blackview BV5500 Pro Mobile Phone android 9.0 4G smartphone

$ 138.99
Blackview BV5500 Pro Rugged Phone IP68 Waterproof 4G Mobile Phone 3GB+16GB 5.5" Screen 4400mAh Android 9.0 Pie Dual SIM