Blackview BV9800 Pro-The First Thermal Camera Rugged Phone Designed for Outdoor Adventures

Adventures, by definition, should include elements of fun, thrills, and sometimes even danger. With reliable adventure gear, you can derive more pleasure from adventure while staying safe. Blackview recently launched the rugged new BV9800 Pro, the first thermal camera phone designed for outdoor adventures.

The BV9800 Pro helps serious adventurers increase situational awareness and safety. With a Sony® 48MP camera; IP68, IP69K, and MIL-STD-810G ruggedization; GPS, GLONASS, and BEIDOU navigation systems; an air-pressure sensor; and a 6580mAh battery, the BV9800 Pro provides advanced features and a battery life of up to 840 hours in standby or 27 hours of talk time. The integrated FLIR® Lepton® thermal camera sees heat, which is invisible to human eyes.

Thermal vision is a key capability in areas of national defense, public safety, and firefighting and provides diagnostic capabilities for utilities, construction, and inspection. The ability to create an image based on differences in heat allows users to see in total darkness and know the temperature of all the objects in the scene.

This new rugged Blackview smartphone provides critical capabilities that will make it standard gear for those seeking adventure. For example, chances are that an outdoor adventurer will make a fire to keep warm or cook. Similar to how firefighters often use handheld or airborne thermal cameras to check for “hot spots,” the BV9800 Pro can confirm that a campfire is completely out before you go to sleep or break camp. And while sitting around the campfire, you can see if that noise in the darkness is an animal or your friend trying to scare you.

Many animals are naturally camouflaged and very hard to see with the naked eye, even when they in plain sight. Wildlife photographers can often use the thermal-camera capability of the BV9800 Pro to spot an animal’s heat (unless hidden by foliage or behind terrain). With the exact position of the animal known, you can change the lens to the Sony® 48MP camera to capture photos of animals in their natural environments.

Specialized thermal cameras are used in public safety for search and rescue and suspect pursuit.  They are especially valuable after dark when a traditional camera is useless. There are countless news stories of lost hikers, children, or pets being found using a thermal camera at night. Unfortunately, accidents can happen in the great outdoors, and a BV900 Pro can be a useful tool in low-light conditions or total darkness. Capable of seeing a person-sized object at up to 30 meters away in the dark, the new BV9800 Pro provides aid for detecting people or other warmer objects in total darkness.

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